DSC03035Before starting his career, Blaine Pollock earned his Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University, then attended the school’s Theological Seminary, from which he received his Master of Divinity. After graduating, Blaine Pollock went on to serve as a contract advisor for the National Football League Players Association. In this capacity, Mr. Pollock also worked individually with a number of high-profile athletes, such as Super Bowl champion running back Ricky Watters and two-time NFL MVP quarterback Randall Cunningham. He was also a close personal friend and advisor to George Foreman, the two-time heavyweight boxing champion of the world. 

Mr Pollock is among the founding fathers in the supplemental Preferred Provider area of the health care system. He developed the concept of expanding healthcare benefits beyond the traditional benefits allowed within primary existing networks. This expanded coverage is available today through a vast network of more than 1.5 million healthcare locations.

Mr. Pollock was born and raised in Nebraska, and  Mr. Pollock  is active in many charities and resides with his family in San Diego, CA.


 Entrepreneur Blaine Pollock Looks Ahead to Brighter Future in Global Health Care Efforts

In life, not all of us are fortunate enough to know exactly why we were put on this planet. Deciphering one’s true calling amongst the frantic pace of everyday life can seem daunting. But for successful entrepreneur and businessman Blaine Pollock, a simple dream to make a difference in the world around him led to a calling that would change the lives of millions around the world.

Pollock is the founder of a nonprofit entity dedicated to improving quality of life for people who don’t have access to modern healthcare providers or educational resources. A charitable enterprise born of the desire to advocate for positive change through real strategy and action, this charity and Blaine Pollock’s expertise is constantly at the forefront of healthcare and educational frontiers that are reinventing the way we think of both disciplines.

With a network of more than a million healthcare providers nationwide the group provides grants and funding dedicated to furthering education, access to quality healthcare and medical research on a global scale.

“There is so much need,” Pollock said. “I have been so fortunate in my life, I knew as soon as I was in the position to give back that would be my priority, and it has been.”

In 2010 alone, Blaine Pollock provided grants and funding to hundreds of healthcare providers, university hospitals and medical research facilities throughout the nation.

Quite often, the scenarios and efforts funded by Blaine Pollock are literally a matter of life and death.

Blaine Pollock said the nonprofit’s list of projects is ongoing and ever changing, but there have been a few specific incidents that have stuck with him.

“We set aside funding for the first infant heart transplant at the Children’s Hospital in San Diego, CA. We also provided funding and directed healthcare providers to Haiti and continued providing food and medical supplies to a school in Kampala, Uganda,” he said. “Those are the instances that stay with you. These are the moments where you can sit back and know that you’re making things happen, and that lives are being changed in a positive way. People sharing the same vision and working in unison to make it a reality can make a dream come alive.”

According to Blaine Pollock, the dream to make quality healthcare affordable and available to every American has also been one of his primary goals.

“By working with my network of talented healthcare providers and insurance companies, I think we are closer than ever to making this a reality,” Pollock said.