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O My Walter Animals bog

‘O My Walter’, His story of Man Vs Dog

Walter, the little white dog still looking for all the mysteries of the Universe is tasked with naming each animal in creation as they appear on earth. Philanthropist and Businessman Blaine Pollock speaks the story of how man became dog’s best friend, using mythology and philosophy prose. Author Blaine Pollock, wanted to write this book because it gives a […]

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Spiritual quotes

Great Spiritual Quotes to Live By

These Spiritual Quotes are Positive Words of Encouragement for Everyone. There are as many different words that we use to describe ‘God’ –The Light, Higher Power, Holy Spirit, Divine Energy, Jehovah, Cosmic Intelligence, The Light, Great Spirit, Brahman, The Force, and many more.  As you read these spiritual words of wisdom, love and encouragement, substitute […]

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Winter tired Blaine pollock

Winter Tiredness – 6 Ways to Combat

Are The Early Dark Nights Making You Sleepy? Why is it more difficult to roll out of bed every morning when the mornings are darker and the temperatures start edging down? Do you find it harder to roll out of bed every morning when the temperature drops and the mornings are darker? If so, you’re […]

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