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A Few Cool Things About Dreams – Blaine Pollock

Dreams are a common human experience that can be described as a state of consciousness characterized by emotional, cognitive and sensory occurrences during sleep. The dreamer has reduced control over the visual images and content.  There is no cognitive state that has been as comprehensively studied and yet as misunderstood as much as dreaming.  They […]

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UHCCF century ride 2013 Blaine Pollock

Blaine Pollock Funds the 2013 Century Ride!

The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation has been providing medical grants to children across the United States for many years. However, it can only continue to do so thanks to the help of generous donors from across the globe. One such person stepped up to the plate this year to fund the children across the world who […]

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Gluten-Free and What You Need to Know – Blaine Pollock

Gluten-free this, and gluten-free that.  Should you also prohibit this from your diet? Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, rye and barley.  People with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease have systemic reactions to that protein which can cause brutal intestinal upset and pain.  They are also vulnerable to malnutrition and bone loss.  The […]

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A Few Tips to Conquer Jet Lag

  The disruption to normal schedules caused by flying and especially jet lag makes plane travel rarely hassle free and are a complete disaster for sleep patterns.  Cancelled flights, bad weather, lost luggage can even send the most stable of travelers into an emotional frenzy at airports. Try these tips if you are traveling between […]

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