6 Things That Will Be Cheaper in 2015 – Blaine Pollock

For the millions of Americans still worrying about their budgets – A bit of relief is on the way in 2015, as prices fall on some popular goods and services.  One of these is a major necessity that affects many – gas prices.

From falling gas prices to an end to tariffs on Chinese imports, everything from food to electronics will be affected.

Gas Prices 

The Energy Information Administration says that gas prices will average about $2.60 a gallon in 2015 which was even lower than the initial November prediction of $2.94 a gallon.  Some states could see it fall below $2 a gallon.  Some gas stations in Texas and Oklahoma were already offering gas below $2 a gallon in December.

TV Content Packages 

Since 2010, more than 3 million viewers were lost.  With all of the online choices out there, cable channels have to offer extra special deals and incentives to come back.  In 2015, HBO will start to offer a streaming service for non subscribers in April, just in time for “Game of Thrones”.  Cable providers have to lure new and old customers back and offer cheaper bundles with fewer channels at low prices in hopes that the customers will eventually upgrade.

Smart Phones 

By the end of 2015, LTE smart phones are expected to drop to as cheap as $60.  According to the International Data Corporation, the global growth of the smart phone sales is slowing.  This means more competitive pricing and lower prices.

GPS devices and Software 

Tariffs that have added 25% to the cost of tech products in the United States could be a thing of the past.  According to a White House statement, more than 200 tariffs will be eliminated, affecting the prices of medical equipment.  This includes GPS devices, computer software, video game consoles, and other various tech equipment.  With the recent trade agreement between the US and China, it is a safe bet that tech equipment will reduce in price.


Since 2013, the prices of butter in the US have doubled, reaching an all-time high of $2.85 a pound in September.  By November, prices had fallen to $2.53 a pound.  The USDA predicts overall lower dairy prices for 2015.


The cranberry sauce you made for your Thanksgiving feast may have cost you a bit less this year, as prices continue to drop.  Because of a cranberry surplus, the US Government purchased 680,000 barrels’ worth in juice, sauce and dried berries for distribution in schools and food banks


Author: Blaine Pollock