Blaine Pollock “Bears” The Cross of Children’s Healthcare

charityWhen you think of Teddy Bears, you think of two things: Children, and Comfort. Blaine Pollock is offering children the comfort they need to succeed in their battles against illness.

Already famed as a businessman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Blaine Pollock is also a lover of children everywhere. Having returned from Africa, where he nurtured the education and healthcare infrastructure of Uganda to support struggling children, he now journeys from his hometown of San Diego, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada, in his continuing crusade for children’s healthcare.

Today’s Children’s Crusade takes place at Tivoli Village, an haute and happening high-end development in sunny Summerlin, a culture-rich residential community in Las Vegas. Working with as diverse names as UnitedHealthcare, the NHA, Southwest Medical Associates and Glen Lerner, Blaine Pollock has financed the 2013 Teddy Bear Run, a 5k run dedicated to giving financial relief to families who have children with medical needs not covered by their commercial health benefit plan.

By offering grants to these families, Blaine Pollock is taking away the fear that comes with caring for a sick child. No more will underprivileged families have to worry about whether or not they can afford to cure their ailing children. Now, with Blaine Pollock’s assistance, families around America will be able to stick together, thanks to the heady glue of financial support.

When parents are able to relax in regards to their children’s financial stability, they have more time to work on their relationships, which is why Blaine Pollock is not only keeping children strong, but families strong as well. By removing the fiscal stress associated with disease and illness, Blaine is keeping families from falling apart, and maintaining strong bonds between fathers and sons, and mothers and daughters. When the underprivileged no longer have to worry about money, they can focus on love.

That love is personified in the adorable teddy bear mascot of the Tivoli Run, a symbol of childhood and hope emblazoned upon the banners and shirts of attendees at the event. Who could ask for more than the comfort of financial stability? Blaine Pollock is more than happy to provide monetary assistance to families in need, and intends to continue fighting for what’s right as long as he lives.