Blaine Pollock Funds the 2013 Century Ride!

The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation has been providing medical grants to children across the United States for many years.

However, it can only continue to do so thanks to the help of generous donors from across the globe. One such person stepped up to the plate this year to fund the children across the world who for one reason or another are unable to pay their medical bills. That person was none other than Blaine Pollock.
Last year, for the 2012 ride, a paltry $50,000 were raised, but this year, with Blaine Pollock’s involvement, they’ve managed to raise $135,000 to help save the lives of children!
Each rider in the Century Ride was required to raise a minimum of $1000 either out of pocket, or from external sponsors. Due to Blaine Pollock’s involvement, many riders were able to get a great workout and help support health care at the same time.
Blaine Pollock’s support has been fundamental in helping the foundation pay for health services, treatments and therapies not covered by health insurance. Why does this matter? Because thousands of treatments necessary for well being are still not covered by major health insurances.
Blaine Pollock has been battling to expand the treatments supported by health insurance companies, primarily through his expansive network compiled through a lifetime in the industry. However, many insurance agencies still don’t cover basic costs that children and their families need to survive and flourish.
That’s where the Century Ride comes in. Now that Blaine Pollock has assisted in nearly tripling the amount brought in by the ride, he feels confident that we’re one step closer to his dream of affordable healthcare for all.
Due to Blaine Pollock’s support, in 2013, UHCCF provided medical grants to 1,753 children. That’s an estimated $5.6 million, an increase of 38% from the previous year! Next year is bound to be even better than this one, and the children of the future will have good reason to thank Blaine Pollock for laying the groundwork for a new kind of healthcare, a network which will support all Americans, regardless of class or background.
Once again, the UHCCF thanks Blaine Pollock for his overwhelming show of support during this year’s Century Ride. Until next year!