Corey Freeman

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Critically Injured Motocross Competitor Receives Help From Three Rivers Provider Network and Blaine Pollock. 

WORCS (World Off Road Championship Series) competitor Corey Freeman was severely injured in a motorcycle accident on February 10, 2010.  During his 11 days in the hospital, Three Rivers Provider Network and Blaine Pollock generously provided financial support to Corey’s family to help with expenses during his recovery.  See Corey’s story below:

The Day at Pala

February 21st the weekend before a big motocross race I decided to go practice at the Pala Raceway to prepare as I do on a regular basis. On my third lap as I went over a large jump my bike seized in mid air, locking the motor and not allowing the tire to roll. I knew it wasn’t going to be good when I landed. Blaine Pollock: coreyAt that point I remember I couldn’t breathe, I kept telling the paramedics, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.” I was fighting and fighting every breath to breathe as my lungs filled up with blood and pushed my heart to the opposite side of my chest causing me to go into cardiac arrest. The Pala Paramedics, Mercy Ambulance Paramedics and the Mercy Air crew worked on me for about 45 minutes performing CPR while I was still in cardiac arrest and placing two chest tubes in me to drain the fluids filling up in my lungs, saving my life. I was life flighted to the nearest trauma unit at Palomar Medical Center.

Once arriving at Palomar Medical Center they placed four more tubes in my chest area further trying to drain the fluids filling into my lungs, a ventilator tube down my throat to help me breathe and stabilize my situation. They then sent me into a CT scan to see what other damages I had. When all of the tests were finished I came out with two broken ribs, broken scapula, two collapsed lungs, hairline fracture on my C-7 and a hairline fracture at the base of my spine and tailbone. It was a miracle that I did not go under any major head injuries or result in any brain damage with the results of the helmet I was wearing. The Troy Lee Designs carbon fiber helmet is what saved my life and my brain from any serious damages; the helmet was fractured in six different spots. After nine days in the trauma intensive care unit and two days in a regular room, I was released from Palomar Medical Center. I recently went back to the doctor for more follow up x-rays, showed very little fluid in the left lung, right lung is completely clear, chest tube holes have closed. My ribs, neck and spine are still very sore, but I am feeling better and better everyday. I am determined to heal quickly and fully and only benefit from this accident. I am very aware that this is a miracle and thank God everyday for a second chance in life.

Blaine Pollock: Corey FreemanI want to take the time to thank Blaine Pollock and Three Rivers Provider Network for the help they have given my family and me during what we considered, the toughest time of our life. The financial help that they provided to us helped with all the expenses we had for those 11 days in the hospital and the three weeks my parents were off of work. Also knowing that people are here to support in rough times like these made such a difference and allowed my family and I to focus on the recovery.

– Corey Freeman




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