Blaine Pollock: New Entra CasaBlaine Pollock Provide Support Reformed Female Offenders Through New Entra Casa


Philanthropist and businessman Blaine Pollock lives to make the lives of other people easier. Maybe that’s why he’s been so supportive of New Casa Entra, a residential facility for former women offenders seeking to overcome a crime ridden past filled with addiction and begin a new life.  Because of Blaine Pollock’s generous donations, hundreds of women will have a shot at a new life that would not have existed without it.

Founded in 1972, New Entra Casa provides a place for women to live while they learn basic life skills, problem solving skills, financial management and job searching skills to enable them to successfully re-enter society.


“Many women who were being released from jail had no alternative but to return to the same neighborhood, the community, the lifestyle that they were in before incarceration,” said Blaine Pollock. “This facility was making the difference, so I wanted to help any way that I could.”


Blaine Pollock said that he was proud to be a part of the New Entra Casa philanthropy family, and that he knew the facility was doing great work.

“They are changing lives,” Blaine Pollock said. “When committed people with a purpose band together with the aim to do good in the world, only good can come from it. That’s why I found it so important to make financial contributions over the years.”

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