Powerful, Yet Simple Ways to Beat Stress – Blaine Pollock

Why do some of us buckle under pressure at the first opportunity, and some of us are just plain immune to stress?

It depends on how you look at it.  Those of us who are resistant to negative stresses seem to rise to a challenge instead of fearing it.  How we think has a sturdy effect on our physiology, so it is critical to build mental habits that make us stress-resistant. Here are some adjustments you can make on your mindset that can have a better impact on your life.

Welcome Change

When change is viewed as a danger, rather than a natural part of life, anxiety levels rise.  But perceiving a promotion or move as an exciting possibility keeps you from getting held down by stress.

Be a Problem Solver

Does disapproval put you in a funk or spur you to improve your productivity and attitude?  If you take action now, you can avoid future conflict and stress. It is important to manage stress at the early stages, not the crisis stages.

Form Strong Relationships

Part of stress hardiness comes from people’s deep interpersonal connections with other people.  Women tend to seek social support in stressful times, like calling a friend to discuss marriage problems.

Get in the Game

Feeling disempowered or victimized amounts to enormous distress. Don’t make it worse by turning your power over to others. Whether you’re making a major investment, work or health decision, study your options. Participate, be involved, and speak up.

Look on the Bright Side

You can become an optimist by simply acting like one.  When you are faced with a problem, try not to catastrophize it, and instead visualize positive solutions. “Seeing the positive side of reality has a calming and challenging effect, while seeing the pessimistic side is threatening–it scares us and our bodies,” says Quick. You can become an optimist by acting like one.

Get Moving

Exercise is a great way to perk up or calm down.  While you’re getting your mind in gear, don’t forget to bring your body along for the ride. Exercise is a wonderful way to perk up or calm down. Just a brisk 10-minute walk increases your energy, while heavier exercise, such as 30 minutes of Spinning or running, reduces tension and invigorates both mind and body.  Both stress and exercise have similar effects on the body like increased heart and respiration rates.  Increasing your tolerance for physical stress deepens your capacity for tolerating all stress.  Exercise gives you endurance and energy which are all critical factors.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice these tension busting tips each and every day.  The only way to get better at something is to practice.


Author: Blaine Pollock

TRPN Founder Blaine Pollock is the creative force behind WorldNewsMD/Depression.net.  Mr. Pollock has dedicated his life to providing global healthcare services and education.