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University of Nebraska Thanks Blaine Pollock for Generous Donation

In the mind of Blaine Pollock, entrepreneur and philanthropist, there is no better partner for healthcare than higher education. That is precisely why he’s chosen to donate $5000 to the University of Nebraska Foundation. This gift will offer the people of Nebraska a new wealth of healthcare and educational opportunities.

Though he now lives in San Diego, Blaine Pollock will always hold a special place in his heart for his home state of Nebraska, and how better to celebrate a childhood spent in the heartland than to fund native Nebraska discovery of cures to heart-related illnesses? Blaine Pollock continues to support all aspects of the healthcare field, even the most obscure.

Blaine Pollock’s $5000 donation will go directly toward supporting the Hematological Malignancies Fund, a major research branch of the University of Nebraska. Blaine Pollock believes that there is no problem human ingenuity cannot solve, and is more than happy to put his money where his mouth is, advocating cutting edge research in every field of healthcare.

Blaine Pollock’s background in building an insurance network for healthcare providers has enabled him to connect with many of the movers and shakers in the field of health and wellbeing. What he has discovered is that there are many illnesses just inches away from being cured, but all too frequently the big public expenditures get thrown at various cancers.

With this generous gift to the Hematological Malignancies fund, Blaine Pollock offers support for those very scientists with the courage and ingenuity to go beyond the ordinary, discovering new approaches toward treating Hodgkin’s disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, various leukemia’s, multiple myeloma, and myelodysplastic syndromes among numerous other closely related diseases.

By enriching the field of healthcare, Blaine Pollock is blazing a path toward future discoveries and the wonders that technologies yet to be developed will offer all of us in days to come. The University of Nebraska and the great State of Nebraska have Blaine Pollock to thank for funding job creation, knowledge creation, and expanding the already rich field of American healthcare.

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